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Jabber Clients: VOEventNet Subscription Software

VOEvents can be received in real time using a jabber/XMPP based client that is capable of publication-subscription (XEP-0060) services.

The following clients for receiving VOEvents are available for download:

C-based client | DOWNLOAD
Based on the open source C library loudmouth, (compatible with Linux, Mac OSX and Windows) and requires GLib 2.0 (download). Older systems might require pkg-config (download) and gettext (download). Secure communication is not fully implimented but can be performed through SSL and STARTTLS. Loudmouth will require the GnuTLS library.

Java client | DOWNLOAD
A configuration file is also required and can be downloaded here. The client requires Java 1.5 and usage help can be found by doing:
java -jar voeclient.jar -h

Perl-based client | DOWNLOAD (How to install the software)
This client requires XML-stream and this modified version of the perl Jabber-PubSub-JEAI module, as well as these standard perl libraries: Net-Jabber-2.0 and Net-XMPP-1.0.


  • The jabber server running the pubsub service is moriori.cacr.caltech.edu
  • The GCN feed node is: home/moriori.cacr.caltech.edu/egcn
  • The publication server address is pubsub.moriori.cacr.caltech.edu
  • Examples of how to subscribe to the service can be found by running the clients without arguments.

Feed Nodes

  • egcn (GRB alerts, via GCN)
  • catalina (CRTS transients, via Caltech)
  • pi_of_the_sky (PI of the Sky transients, via Caltech)
  • galex (GALEX TDS, via Caltech)
  • moa (microlensing and transient events)
  • estar (OGLE microlensing, via eStar)
  • lanl (RAPTOR events, via LANL)
  • sdssss/events2006 (The 2006 SDSS supernovae) no longer running
  • pq (Palomar Quest events, Caltech) no longer running

A C# pubsub API is available from sourceforge here while Python support can be obtained via Idavoll.

VOEventNet is sponsored by NSF Grant No. CNS-0540369 and includes collaborators
at Caltech, UC Berkeley, LANL, and NOAO.